Edge of Twilight


To the last I talk to and the first I think of,

Delighted I am, that you are on my mind; which is nothing out of the ordinary, for you are ingrained in my life like a freckle on my hand.

While twilight peeks at me through the window shade, I imagine you pulled from sleep, moving just as fast as the sun moves from darkened sky to a flurry of pastels painting the horizon, your body methodically waking for another day of unknowns and little mysterious puddles of yellow that are the least of your worries.

Prayerfully, you will not envy the sunlight on this most beautiful day, instead remain focused on the tasks at hand, sharing endearing words that touch soft places with those who need them. For this, may a portion of you be enlightened by the gift of grace and love, others have to offer, to help your day become all that it is purposed to be.

And Lord willing, by end of your shift, the only thing left before heading home, is a smile that radiates through you, for you have been touched by much; your cup runneth over.

Sunrise Chaser


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