Catch & Release

I’m not entirely sure if you meant to catch me, but you did. We were two souls out in the wilderness, trying to find our way through hurts, fears and the baggage that followed us in the shadows. Then you appeared out of the blue, catching my eye, dazzling and pursuing me. Hesitant to go…


Here I am squatted by your grave, if you had one, I think this is where it would be. Tucked away from society, deep in the thick of tall pines and luscious green grass, with dancing wildflowers. Oh yes, this is definitely your space. I think you brought me back here once when I was…

Her People

I’m a foreigner, though, I call her grandma. I sit with her, feed her, hold her hand, calm her, take walks with her, and used to care for her. But, my face will never be familiar and though my presence may be enough, it will never fully be comforting. She wants you, her people. You,…

Selfish or Selfless: Caring for the Elderly

You know them and just maybe you think of them once in a while. They are alive, or one of them still is. They raised you until you were weaned, helped develop your character, encouraged, and supported you, until you left the house. Or just maybe they didn’t; they were heartless, life sucking, and you…

Yes, You May Call Me a Pawn

I pretend that I’m visiting from out of town. I am on vacation for the summer, sitting upon the terra-cotta deck overlooking a large lake full of boats going wherever the wind takes them. Blue sky and linear clouds just beyond my reach, thoughtfully sorted apart and timely covering the sun each time I get…

Savor the Moment

…..taking nothing for granted; for where there is life one day, there is death another.

Quality Time Companions

There comes a point in life when your heart yearns for more friendships, companions to go through life with, spend quality time with, laugh with and love with. I miss those friendships. They are everything this book on my lap cannot provide, nor texting can fulfill.


She graces the room with wisdom and smiles. Like a hero emerging from the fire, she confidently secures and saves you from trouble with gentleness, correction, and love. She is strong, a survivor of her time, a rock in yours. She is beloved in so many ways you’ve lost count. She is more than words…

She Knew

You bounded at me like we knew one another, tongue out, ears flopping in the wind, gallantly retracing your steps back to where you just came. You are good at evading your owners for an inkling that we would become instant friends. I couldn’t resist you, not that face, the joy, and your playfulness. I…

Topsy Turvy

Your Light is that of communal reaching into depths beyond darkness parting religion for relationships reconciling hearts back to You when they have been lost, flipped upside down, and walking through life with blinders on. Your Light, heals anything that can tear or be torn. More miraculous than anything ever experienced ever known ever felt….


me you us two chairs and the sea at sunrise

Stepping Into Sunset

Take my hand and step with me into hues of late summer warmth, where I long to chase feathers with you again.