Stepping Into Sunset

Take my hand and step with me into hues of late summer warmth, where I long to chase feathers with you again.

The Thought of You

While wind and engines pull boats directionless, my book of recipes lure me deeper into context and hunger. I am but lost in words, when thoughts of you find me; drowning in French food and the lights of Paris, as the sound of water laps upon the shore below. I reminisce the last couple of…

Edge of Twilight

To the last I talk to and the first I think of, Delighted I am, that you are on my mind;¬†which is nothing out of the ordinary, for you are ingrained in my life like a freckle on my hand. While twilight peeks at me through the window shade, I imagine you pulled from sleep,…

Intermittent Silence and the Confinements of Tomorrow

Drawing into night chewing on words of memories past whilst thoughts of you high jump through my pondering mind, and my heart silently becomes panicked, as to why our daily habit flirts with silence. Are we saving breath within the confinements of tomorrow?      

Come, Sit with Me

Come, sit with me for awhile. We can hunker down here, amongst rolling grains of sand, huddled together for warmth under abstract rays of sunshine. You can tell me of stories long before, and I’ll tell you mine, while we are mesmerized by the movement of water, far beyond our reach. Far out in the…