I am a moment teller and creative thinker, who is saved by grace through faith in Jesus to engage and encourage by lens and keystrokes. A photographer with an engaging visual eye (the other one is pretty good too), who is always learning to better capture nature, food, people, and animals.

5 Things about me:

Humorist. Writer. Food Lover. Dog Whisperer. Not a fan of selfies.


All words and photography are by me, unless otherwise noted.

T.J. Becker
Lens & K e y s t r o k e s

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  1. Hi Becketar,

    Glad to meet you here. That’s funny what you say about the accents. I used to live in Michigan and now I’m back in Oklahoma so my accents are really messed up. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for following. I look forward to seeing more posts on your site. Keep blogging…

  2. HI Becker, from one princess to the other! My Father is the King also. I love you photos and poems. I invite you to visit and get connected!

    1. becketar says:

      Thank you Miriam. I like that you have traveled many places. I look forward to seeing where you find yourself next.

      1. Hi Princess Becketar, the immediate next is to visit my daughter and her husband in Portland, OR. Internationally, we’re still debating between a couple places!! Thank you for your follow. Thank you for your visit. Miriam

  3. What a Wonderful About! Nice to meet another daughter of the King, Sister 🙂

    1. becketar says:

      Thank you kindly. And yes always nice to meet family. 😉

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