s e c r e t p l a c e s

Was I sought or did I seek the clandestine of silence amongst the forrest and snow for my eyes to transfix themselves, while the fragrance of the lingering evergreen swept me away.

Perch Here

Paddle me across these waters as the fog dances and light begins to cast morning shadows. I will listen to the loon speak dialects that I don’t understand, yet my soul resonates with every call.


  When I first saw the sun go down on this particular evening last week, I thought, nothing about going out in the freezing temps to capture it. But, when the light reflected off the snow, I couldn’t contain myself; adorned winter gear, grabbed my camera and stepped out into a magical place.

The Old Woman

She’s out there, in the valley of branches, her appearance battling sun and shadows, old body leaning headlong into the future, while pine shields her from strong winds and bitter cold, as winter finds its way into January.

Where Does She Go?

I sit with my grandmother often, a ready hand when she’s in need. I am a safe place when she is lonely, a conversation techie when questions arise, a chef satisfying her taste buds, a hugger in confusion, and an encourager of her independence. At 99-years old, she’s lived longest in this home, raised a…


out of the darkness and into the light, beyond the fears that hold us back and into joy that awaits.

Finding Clarity with Caffeine

You called me to 3361 McCracken for what Lord? To combat my restlessness with a dirty chai in my bloodstream, hunkering down with Max Lucado’s book, Cure for the Common Life, so that I could organize these thoughts that have bound emotions in me? You even prompted me to bring plain paper, of which You…

Knowing You

Just a little taste of what I’ve been working on, inspired by the life of a caretaker. “I am tired. Fatigued. Emotionally I want to breakdown into deep heaves, gasping for air through salted tears. I want to release all that I’ve been hanging on to. But I don’t. The sun is shaded by the…

Layer by Layer

When God woos us, layer by layer the walls around are hearts fall down.

Savor the Moment

…..taking nothing for granted; for where there is life one day, there is death another.

Goodnight Kisses

You wrap me in your warmth through day, holding me dear in your grasp, ’til night skies emerge and your beauty tenderly kisses me goodnight.

Passion is Calling

Rawly burnt out, I find myself craving to be refreshed, letting go of the “do, do, do” that has waded up in a ball so tight, it makes thinking impossible, and functioning but a fleeting memory. I want to run, yet rest. I want to put down the camera and live in the moment; look…