Earth’s Confetti

I am amongst earth’s confetti. I stand above it, stroking its rustic colors with my eyes and embracing its beginning and end. When I am emerged in it, my feet crush its leaves trail after trail, while I inhale its essence deep within my soul; tasting its sweetness on my palate and filling me with…


To the next person who tells me “change would be good for you.” Let me tell you a story. Change. We are all shifting and moving simultaneously day to day; transitioning from one action or idea to another. It’s inevitable. It’s a part of life. I get it and need that as we all do….


You came to me as though you were on a mission. A determination in your posture told me you were needing me, as you urgently stepped up and leaned against my red metal haul; your thoughts racing to and fro. I could tell you had a lot of pain since we last met. Even now,…

Those Tender Moments

February will be a year since you left us. As I rummage through old notes this evening, I ran across this one, when I visited you almost a year ago. Closing my eyes for a moment, I savor a time in the past. I sat beside you holding your frail thin skinned hand, while we…

Yes, You May Call Me a Pawn

I pretend that I’m visiting from out of town. I am on vacation for the summer, sitting upon the terra-cotta deck overlooking a large lake full of boats going wherever the wind takes them. Blue sky and linear clouds just beyond my reach, thoughtfully sorted apart and timely covering the sun each time I get…

Villain in the Night

You’ve been caught red handed robbing the bird feeder in the darkest hours, like a thief at an ATM. This is not the first time I’ve caught you perched upon the white fence leaning ever so slightly toward the squirrel proof feeder; just enough to keep your balance and slap bird seed into your paw….

Half Awake

I lay here in my dark bedroom listening to the sound of water, when metal shower curtain hooks scrap across a metal shower bar pulling me straight out of my dream state. Immediately, all I could say out loud in a whiny voice was, “Nooohoho!” It’s 3am…dementia is awake. It has no concept of time,…


  When I first saw the sun go down on this particular evening last week, I thought, nothing about going out in the freezing temps to capture it. But, when the light reflected off the snow, I couldn’t contain myself; adorned winter gear, grabbed my camera and stepped out into a magical place.

The Old Woman

She’s out there, in the valley of branches, her appearance battling sun and shadows, old body leaning headlong into the future, while pine shields her from strong winds and bitter cold, as winter finds its way into January.

Becoming Someone Else: a fading memory

I wish sometimes I had a little camera on my glasses so I can visually show my parents the situation when I explain it to them later than 4:30am.  I faintly hear my voice in the dark surrounding my dream state. In a panic, I open my sleepy eyelids and wait for sound to break…

Where Does She Go?

I sit with my grandmother often, a ready hand when she’s in need. I am a safe place when she is lonely, a conversation techie when questions arise, a chef satisfying her taste buds, a hugger in confusion, and an encourager of her independence. At 99-years old, she’s lived longest in this home, raised a…


out of the darkness and into the light, beyond the fears that hold us back and into joy that awaits.