Perch Here

Paddle me across these waters as the fog dances and light begins to cast morning shadows. I will listen to the loon speak dialects that I don’t understand, yet my soul resonates with every call.


Winter is slipping away one morning glow at a time one second of thawing ice one moment of spring thoughts one….

Cotton Candy Skies

That’s all it took one tug at the heart to slip on winter march off the mountain and sit in this moment of serene cotton candy skies.

The Apprentice

Your name escapes me, it is the least on my mind, for I am but an apprentice to your expertise, 
 while we move through the silence of crisp morning
 in familiar places
 and unfamiliar territory.

Edge of Twilight

To the last I talk to and the first I think of, Delighted I am, that you are on my mind; which is nothing out of the ordinary, for you are ingrained in my life like a freckle on my hand. While twilight peeks at me through the window shade, I imagine you pulled from sleep,…

Strategizing Nature

“If I put my hand there and my foot there and bend to the left, dropping my knee there, yes,” I thought, pondering if any other twister moves are necessary to tip toe around the icy rocks and thorn bush over the bank edge. “I can do this.” One boot in, “um, okay, hand here,…

Lake and Light

You arrive, peeking just above the tree line, highlighting glass in the early morn’, rays stretching immeasurably beyond where eyes can see; not even darkness can hide. And though I’ve once written an ode to you, it’s not about you today. It’s about what your light illuminates, a subtle pattern.


When returning to places long left behind I wonder why I left at all. Like a barb, you clung to me over the years refusing to give up on drawing me back to the land I long desire.  

Civil Twilight

Your light breathes life into my sleepy body as my pulse becomes quicken; eager to get to the water’s edge to capture all that you illuminate. Right here, I linger long into the blue and golden horizon, sitting upon rocks, running my fingers lightly across the glassy water, making small ripples, and savoring a moment….

Asleep in Spring, Awake in Winter

Earth’s laden snow, pristine and fresh, accumulates through shades of dark, while warmth cuddles me in the night, and winter fights its way back into February. By morning, a chill clings to my hair and warmth dissipates when I pull back the covers, exposing itself to long shadows stretching across the room. I wander out…

Hope Beyond Illusions

Wrapped amongst layers to keep me from frostbite, I am found content. For a moment, my eye lids absorb the warmth of sunlight, while I stand at the edge of earth and sky, breathing in winter. You, you linger on my mind like the sweet after taste of dessert, making me aware of the butterflies…

Wee Hours of Morning

If I must meet you atop dark frozen waters contorting my body like a game of twister while I tremble from the cold of winter, I will.