A Horn Summons for Battle


Savoring ever morsel of Your Light, I exist delighting in watching patient fishermen turn into silhouettes and the lapping of waves race to shore. I am least distracted, yet can no longer bare the wind chapping my face. Sliding off the dune to the waters edge, I glance twice more at the pastels retracting into night, before observing them with my backside and the last heat of day dissipates to cold.

Found reflecting on my need to trust in Your guidance, like a child relying on its parents wisdom, and emotions of my rambling heart ramble, I am caught off guard as a horn summons for battle.

With no delay, twisted darkness reaches deep into chambers beyond muscle and bone in an effort to control how I should feel and do with my longing; for it does not like the love I hold within. Making every effort to derail me, it gnashes its teeth pushing and prodding, bruising with words, yet my helmet and lackluster breastplate hold to their form. It’s arrows are deflected one by one, sometimes just narrowly missing the shield’s edge, where my faith grew weary.

Every chamber is prowled through and trampled on, and yet I am still walking in the shoes of peace. From the front, it continues to scheme, only to grow more angry, before retreating into silence. For a moment, the full steam ahead attack has stopped, as I stand in the soft sand, waves reaching for me. Tired and lost in nothingness, the bitter regurgitated truth of years past, that once I believed, begins to form around my heart.

Wasting no arrows with the lashing tongue, knowing exactly where to hit me, where the scars once showed. “You are worthy,” darkness says, “But, you were always meant to be alone. That’s why you have only been friends and nothing more. He, will leave, for you were designed to consume yourself with only yourself. You will never bare fruit or bore it. ” Upon hearing this, I wince at the pain whispered in my ear and try to push away the feeling of torn from my fragile heart; waking my suppressed thoughts to the oppression in the process.

In an instant I am reminded who I am and encouraged to fight heavenward, never losing hope, faith, and love. Restrengthened, breaking me free of this stupor, my soul gasps for air, until my lungs are filled. I hear darkness growl, a sound I could do without, and watch its contorted face smirk, its dark hatred eyes lurch out, making one final attempt to exile me.

“Get behind me Satan!” slices through the air, my lips controlled by the revealing Light of which I am made of.  I am exhausted, faded and crumpled, strength depleted. The battle has been won, the warrior within, Jesus Christ.

Readjusting the belt of truth, I check my other armor, securing them back into place before looking behind me and finding my Savior’s footprints accompanying my own.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gail says:

    Love this and what a beautiful photo!

    1. becketar says:

      Thank you ever so kindly, Gail.

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