During Christmas, my mother used to ask us to list three things we want and three things we need. It didn’t take long to list the wants. Mentally we had been keeping track of them, like a child wanting a toy. “I want that. No that. Oh that too.” As though our eyes couldn’t get…


Once upon a time, I fell in love with Potential. I didn’t see it coming, walking in my barely there way, weary from losing my mother and best friend too soon. After seventeen years of singleness I was starting to feel like my opportunity for marriage was fading. I’d already soul crushingly talked myself out…


To the next person who tells me “change would be good for you.” Let me tell you a story. Change. We are all shifting and moving simultaneously day to day; transitioning from one action or idea to another. It’s inevitable. It’s a part of life. I get it and need that as we all do….

In the Waiting

My mother would often tell me I put the cart before the horse. She was right. I would think or step too far ahead than where I actually was; in the waiting. The yearning for hopes and desires can be like a desert without rain when deferred days, months, or even years without an answer…

Be on Guard

A day without reading the Bible is opening the door and inviting Satan in for a visit. “How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word.” Psalm 119:9

Yes, You May Call Me a Pawn

I pretend that I’m visiting from out of town. I am on vacation for the summer, sitting upon the terra-cotta deck overlooking a large lake full of boats going wherever the wind takes them. Blue sky and linear clouds just beyond my reach, thoughtfully sorted apart and timely covering the sun each time I get…

Unstained by the World

“I wanna Seek you first I wanna Love you more” those song lyrics from United Pursuit – Hidden, I’ve listened to over and over this morning. How many times do we want to seek Him first? Every day do I want to run after Him more intently. “Tomorrow.” I tell myself. Tomorrow I will seek…

Last Breath

When we enroll by choice into the saving grace by faith we live for an eternal life by loving, as He loves us by preparing each day to do as He wills. We weave in and out of lives sharing a part of Him who is in us a part of His “love, joy, forbearance,…

Will You

Will you permit me to touch that part of you hidden in the dark breathe the Light of life through the One who gives it to me reaching deeper than the skin more emotional than spilt milk? Will you?

Topsy Turvy

Your Light is that of communal reaching into depths beyond darkness parting religion for relationships reconciling hearts back to You when they have been lost, flipped upside down, and walking through life with blinders on. Your Light, heals anything that can tear or be torn. More miraculous than anything ever experienced ever known ever felt….

Battling Sin

Anticipate not! while sin lays just under the surface, intensity comes and goes in this time warp. I don’t know who I become when paths of destruction swoops down to wrestle with me; darkness working overtime throwing shadows over light while I subcumb, fight, retreat, lose and win, while distracted yet relieved, wanting to be…

Raise Me Awake

from where I’ve been sleeping too long. Places my heart has dug deep into soil only to loose ground where roots weren’t connected. Rise in me the confidence to move onward focusing on what’s ahead rather than behind prioritizing what’s right rather than what’s wrong, Elevate You, than anything else.