Goodnight Kisses

You wrap me in your warmth through day, holding me dear in your grasp, ’til night skies emerge and your beauty tenderly kisses me goodnight.

Pure Delight

You are my pure delight as I lay here under ever changing skies overwhelmed by the canvas painted before me. I glance heavenward, so taken by the beauty I cannot believe I am where I am. My parka, a warm blanket, snuggles my body working hard to keep the chill at bay, as I stare…

A Horn Summons for Battle

Savoring ever morsel of Your Light, I exist delighting in watching patient fishermen turn into silhouettes and the lapping of waves race to shore. I am least distracted, yet can no longer bare the wind chapping my face. Sliding off the dune to the waters edge, I glance twice more at the pastels retracting into…

To Be Human Again in the Busy Season

I’m awake, it’s dark, and sounds from the television are muffled under my door. It must be morning, but why is it so dark? Slow to rise, I limber my legs over the edge of the bed to look at the clock; 2:30am. I debate laying back down, but the urgency to pee is pushing…

Painted Water

The sunset of brush strokes have captured a movement of water and cloudscape sky.

South Dakota Sunset

Dark is overcoming as the final light from the sunset dips below the horizon and stars become as bright lamps scattered across the open clear sky.