Stepping Beyond Early Autumn to Play with Summer


A chill keeps me nestled just beyond window panes, balancing between warmth and cold, as clapping leaves and swaying trees strive for my attention; where lush green will give way to vibrant leaves and kamikaze acorns, so bareness and white can cover what’s left of change.

My companion next to me waits patiently to be pet again as I finish keystrokes and impending thoughts. I am comfortable, yet the explorer in me is itching to get outside before the Milky Way lights up the sky and mosquitoes swarm and devour. Checking one more time, I press the silenced button illuminating my screen, hoping for a message from you, nothing. Oh the daily things I’ve become accustomed to.

Near the shoreline and sandy beach memories, I find my shoes, look at my companion and we step beyond the threshold into early autumn to play with summer.


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