s e c r e t p l a c e s

Was I sought or did I seek the clandestine of silence amongst the forrest and snow for my eyes to transfix themselves, while the fragrance of the lingering evergreen swept me away.


Here I am squatted by your grave, if you had one, I think this is where it would be. Tucked away from society, deep in the thick of tall pines and luscious green grass, with dancing wildflowers. Oh yes, this is definitely your space. I think you brought me back here once when I was…

Lost Finding Lost

We lose ourselves deep into the blur of nature. lost finding lost for the king prize of reflections amongst twisting trails, shadows, leaves, and winter’s thaw.

Stepping Beyond Early Autumn to Play with Summer

A chill keeps me nestled just beyond window panes, balancing between warmth and cold, as clapping leaves and swaying trees strive for my attention; where lush green will give way to vibrant leaves and kamikaze acorns, so bareness and white can cover what’s left of change. My companion next to me waits patiently to be pet again as…

After Twilight at Mary Lake

Midnight finds me easy, just after twilight dropped its light. Armed with a headlamp, I trudge through darkness in flip-flops and warmth on a path bedded down by others before me. Two dogs float ahead, their collars aglow, painting an eerie scene at our feet. We stop for a moment to marvel at the Milky…