The Old Woman

She’s out there, in the valley of branches, her appearance battling sun and shadows, old body leaning headlong into the future, while pine shields her from strong winds and bitter cold, as winter finds its way into January.


Once able to stand firm in the foundation of shifting sands, gale force winds, rushing water, and winter Now, mangled atop fresh laden snow, basking in the sun, and casting shadows Totally wrecked, yet beautifully abstract

Hospitality Comes in a Salt Bucket

I am no more finished with my breakfast when winter begins to fall and stick to the half frozen earth. A debate toggles back and forth in my brain, about whether it is worth the few minutes of hospitality, as I slip on my shoes, step into the cold garage, and beeline for the salt…


You fall from the sky so effortless, so simple. And while I stand behind double panes in my pajamas, contemplating my day ahead, I am filled with internal excitement and dread, as I watch you gather in a flurry, turning what was once green to white.


When natures privacy curtain s t f i l a road less traveled encourages my prying eyes to proceed f  o  r  w  a  r  d.


Oh to see you once more out beyond the horizons of my mind out where sea touches sand where you encompass the light on my face; seek me sooner than someday.

Death of Yellow

As I bask in warmth of winters grasp, float in dreams of last nights ask; snow and temperatures clench the life of yellow, freezing it to death.

Lake Life

The great divide, dark and cold, waving east with blowing snow. Icy patches, bergs ahead, can’t travel here you’ll sink instead. Feels like negative, my lips do tell, as frost develops on those licked so well. Crossing is not so easy, around I must go, slippery and slick are the roads below, of the great…

Lured by Light

The light is alive! It’s an invigorating renewal to my soul and I crave to be in it. Layer by layer, I bundle until only my eyes peer between my jacket and hat, then step out into winter. What was supposed to be 36 degrees, feels more like twenty, but that didn’t stop me, as…

Winter’s Bite

One foot in front of the other, my hiking boots grip to the snowy street, as I lean slightly back into the hillside, as to not slip, while my jacket collar tugs at my chin, reminding me its flexibility only goes so far. I have this vision of me rolling down the hill, turning into…

11 Degrees: Feels Like -3

It’s the coldest day of winter thus far, but that doesn’t phase me as I step into the oncoming snowstorm drifting inland. I am eager to get outside, shovel and breathe in the freshness of snow. Call this folly, call this whatever you want; it doesn’t matter. Shovel in hand, I scratch my ergonomic blue…

Winter’s Full Moon

I wake in a conundrum to sounds of a tea kettle whistling outside my window and a bright gray light streaming through the crack in the shade; which has me wondering is it day or night? 4:04am, my phone illuminates for a brief moment and I wince at its glow. After registering the hour, my…