To the next person who tells me “change would be good for you.” Let me tell you a story. Change. We are all shifting and moving simultaneously day to day; transitioning from one action or idea to another. It’s inevitable. It’s a part of life. I get it and need that as we all do….


You came to me as though you were on a mission. A determination in your posture told me you were needing me, as you urgently stepped up and leaned against my red metal haul; your thoughts racing to and fro. I could tell you had a lot of pain since we last met. Even now,…

In the Waiting

My mother would often tell me I put the cart before the horse. She was right. I would think or step too far ahead than where I actually was; in the waiting. The yearning for hopes and desires can be like a desert without rain when deferred days, months, or even years without an answer…

Waiting in the Caverns

Deep within a maze of caverns a chamber of secrets my heart awaits to be found captivated by hope and accompanied by the joys of you.        

Enticed by Fields with Thorns

It is very difficult to live in the image of Christ, when the world entices you to play in fields with thorns. I am human. I make human choices, some good, some bad; ultimately they are free will choices. And it’s within these choices I confirm obedient and disobedient decisions to God’s will. This I…

Waiting Through Doubt

The doubt isn’t that there are good ones out there, it’s waiting for him to show up.


You see me don’t you? Those message dots are keeping you captivated, waiting for a response to something you said. You wait, and keep waiting. You wonder if I’m writing a novel, then without warning the dots disappear and reappear, disappear and reappear. Meanwhile, I hesitate telling truths or beating around the bush.  

Hope Beyond Illusions

Wrapped amongst layers to keep me from frostbite, I am found content. For a moment, my eye lids absorb the warmth of sunlight, while I stand at the edge of earth and sky, breathing in winter. You, you linger on my mind like the sweet after taste of dessert, making me aware of the butterflies…

Ode to the Sun

There are no promises that you will rise and set day after day. It is Lord willing that we wake with breath in our lungs to anxiously wait, second by second minute by minute hour by hour day by day week by week month by month and year by year for the most opportune window…


A hopeful joy fills me, as I linger long at the edge of sand, water, and wind. Where I  wonder, I ponder, I dismiss, I wish, I pine, I miss, down by our seashore, distracted by light, shadows, texture, and movement. You were there, I was there, we were there, in places where our footprints…

Fading Light and Magical Snow

In the depths of cold winter and grey skies, beyond snow fences, sunsets, and shadows; Away from the lens, yet in focus of life. Down by the seashore, hearts are captured by the fading light and magical snow.

Down by the Seashore

My dear husband whom I have yet to meet down by the seashore where the sun shall sneak over the horizon as twilight sets in; where I rest trusting in Him, Christ our Savior, my Father and Friend. Seek me and find me as you have prayed down by the seashore, where I wait each…