You and I


We complement each other, you and I; quite a good match.

We sit here in the mist wetting our appetite and pushing back our brokenness, whilst losing ourselves amongst the rhythmic of life’s beating heart. Both, admire places we’ve never been, and are restless to get there.

Me, I marveled at the earth for so long, I finally broke free; falling down and away from my fathers, who stand strong against the elements of nature, landing here on my grandfathers of whom I sit upon. I was meant for you to see, for you to take me home and hold this moment to memory. For in these mirror of details you will need to decide how you see life.

“Two women looked through prison bars
One saw mud, the other saw stars.” Linda Dillow



3 Comments Add yours

  1. jmacindoe says:

    Great closeup shot!

    1. becketar says:

      Thanks Jon.

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