She graces the room with wisdom and smiles. Like a hero emerging from the fire, she confidently secures and saves you from trouble with gentleness, correction, and love. She is strong, a survivor of her time, a rock in yours. She is beloved in so many ways you’ve lost count. She is more than words…

Cotton Candy Skies

That’s all it took one tug at the heart to slip on winter march off the mountain and sit in this moment of serene cotton candy skies.

What’s on the Chopping Block?

I am not a foreigner to the cutting board, matter of fact, it is the most used object in my kitchen. And, I feel naked making a meal without it. Just the simple task of pulling it down inspires me to eat the rainbow (no, I am not referring to Skittles candy). It keeps me…

I Am

a tether tied to your shores by individual strands of fiber strong enough to hold objects in place much larger and heavier than my own stature; a bridge between the boat of which I sail upon and often attached to anchored structures. Holding my ground on and off vessels, through all seasons, I am sure…

The Beholder

Where would we be if we weren’t looking for the small details wherever our eyes lead us, whether in focus or out, beauty is the eye of the beholder, not just in it. It captivates a marveling audience of one, you. It challenges the good eye. The other one isn’t so bad either. It creates…

Beyond the Surface

Looking beyond what is reflecting on the surface, will display what the light is doing, rather than what it is aimed at.


You pursue me, want me, desire me, have a purpose for me. Yet, over and over again, I’ve pushed You away, taken You for granted, stared You down, and locked You in a box like a treasure. It’s by grace You remain by my side, never changing as my life cycles like a roller coaster,…

Without It

The edge of earth, where sunrise entangles my eyes lost in ever changing hues, so much that I trouble seeing anything else other than what’s on the horizon. But, when the color disappears, a different world presents itself.


Tucked away from prey, hidden amongst dense leaves and branches, securely hatched in spit and collections, are two baby hummingbirds struggling to survive in the wake of their mother’s death.

A Many of Color

Green is a many of color. It’s bold, subtle, a tinge, an illusion. It distracts, gives life, and encourages. Green.


Once able to stand firm in the foundation of shifting sands, gale force winds, rushing water, and winter Now, mangled atop fresh laden snow, basking in the sun, and casting shadows Totally wrecked, yet beautifully abstract


For a moment I smell the freshness of wind and water; to me it smells like summer. A time I am looking forward to, when I can lay in the warm sand, lost, belonging to nobody, not even myself. But, that isn’t today. As the wind violently whips my hair against my neck and waves crash to…