You speak in words I cannot comprehend Your tongue a dialect I cannot translate But the way the sun defines you and how it dances light through you lets my imagination run wild, like an untamed animal.

Golden Horizon

You appear on the edge of life and winter, while I squat behind this tree, saving me from frostbite.

Finding Serenity

Finding serenity in solitude, out where fog meets frozen waters and the lone of wood meets earth. I pass by this place almost daily. And while I have tried to ignore its serene presence, I simply cannot resist to stand here and appreciate the simple beauty; to collect my thoughts that have drifted into all…

Wee Hours of Morning

If I must meet you atop dark frozen waters contorting my body like a game of twister while I tremble from the cold of winter, I will.

The Hunted Hunter

So many thoughts when one is out here alone blazing new trails letting wonder lead restless feet to find what is unknown to be found. The wolf, the bear could they see me from here? While I stalk in winter’s white wondering if I’m actually the prey. I am unafraid, hear nothing, yet feel everything….

Shivers and Snow

Snowflakes dance and flurry, shivers touch my insides, and the smell of burning wood invades nostalgic senses. For a moment, I am a child playing in winters bitter cold, layered beyond warmth, where sweat begins to form and hair plasters against my forehead. Looking out in the distance I make my course before jumping on…


You fall from the sky so effortless, so simple. And while I stand behind double panes in my pajamas, contemplating my day ahead, I am filled with internal excitement and dread, as I watch you gather in a flurry, turning what was once green to white.

Where Long Shadows Fall

It’s a winters dream, that I stand with you in the kitchen where long shadows fall. Your light coaxes me to scatter room to room layering fiber by fiber, until my flesh becomes a weave of the prettiest patterns, warm and prepared. Mentally I give myself an external once over, before boots finally step out…

Death of Yellow

As I bask in warmth of winters grasp, float in dreams of last nights ask; snow and temperatures clench the life of yellow, freezing it to death.

Lake Life

The great divide, dark and cold, waving east with blowing snow. Icy patches, bergs ahead, can’t travel here you’ll sink instead. Feels like negative, my lips do tell, as frost develops on those licked so well. Crossing is not so easy, around I must go, slippery and slick are the roads below, of the great…

Lured by Light

The light is alive! It’s an invigorating renewal to my soul and I crave to be in it. Layer by layer, I bundle until only my eyes peer between my jacket and hat, then step out into winter. What was supposed to be 36 degrees, feels more like twenty, but that didn’t stop me, as…

Edges of Discovery

As we tip toe to the edge of dry, where winter forms shelves of frozen sand, rocks of ice, and a sheet of blue melted snowflakes, we discover paths where only our own footprints reside. via Daily Prompt: Discover