Kite Surfer

They swarm me one after another wave upon wave while I ride on the aggression of wind.  

Moving Snow

Cold winds and dancing snow leap and shift in light beams before me, inches above the black asphalt. Its sparkle and white pull me into a story, on this dark morning. I am mesmerized by its sway and treasure the moment, so much so, that I forget I am driving, until a change of red…

The Taste of Refreshing

Shifting feet sink into descending footsteps before me, as the sun slips into the horizon. The sweetest water consumes my senses, I am refreshed by its taste and inhale again.

Wind, Rain, & Repeat

Wild gusts toss me side to side as I race barefoot across the asphalt to capture this shot in a rainstorms lull. It was the perfect time to sneak the blue sky reprieve before the next rampant storm approached, which registered up to 50mph wind gusts and horizontal rain.

From the Inside

Beyond the large pane window, trees shake and lean, while the wind rocks back and forth on the swing set. The hot sun seems as though it could melt the dwindling snow scattered across our lawn and ice that has clung to our driveway. The temperature is eighteen degrees, but it’s the feels like that…


Here. I know this spot. My elbow an anchor for my head. Thoughts dance for an hour before returning to the grind. Between bites, I ponder what I want to be when I grow up and sort through tasks on my to do list, stopping every few minutes to take in the sunshine and watch…

Basking in Life on the Water

Resting in the wind as it sweeps up my face and beyond my lobes, the vessel gallops home bound through pockets of hot and cold as clouds play peek-a-boo with the sun.