Before the Stars

Mesmerized by glistening water wave after wave I imagine you, wherever you maybe, doing the same; Both of us taking in all we can, before shades of gold slip into radiate reds and shiny diamonds leap from the sky.    

Beyond Figures and Sunlight

You look but you don’t see right in front of you I stand your mind, elsewhere, beyond figures and sunlight.

Seasonal Changes

Changing seasons ruminate in my captivated mind, trying to digest the timeliness of spring and then summer, when I can ditch the shoes and darn the barefoot on the seashore soaking in the sun. And while wave after wave rushes to shore, I will wish for those moments to never end.  

Kite Surfer

They swarm me one after another wave upon wave while I ride on the aggression of wind.  

Rushing to Shore

Wave: The story of my life seems common, but truly it is a rush. Strong winds force me to climb higher and higher, until I bend and arch with momentum crashing forward. I surge to shore invigorated touching my highest peak on the sand before me. Only for a moment I am a mirror image,…

Basking in Life on the Water

Resting in the wind as it sweeps up my face and beyond my lobes, the vessel gallops home bound through pockets of hot and cold as clouds play peek-a-boo with the sun.