Goodbye Night

  You call me straight out of dreams and long forgotten tales to stumble in the dark toward hardwood and nails. And while the bite of winter nips at my nose, plays on my skin totally exposed; the flames in the sky turn dark to light hello daytime goodbye night.    

Beyond Figures and Sunlight

You look but you don’t see right in front of you I stand your mind, elsewhere, beyond figures and sunlight.

Beyond the Surface

Looking beyond what is reflecting on the surface, will display what the light is doing, rather than what it is aimed at.

Bubble Living

Close, no closer; it’s the only way you can tell a story to capture and captivate. It’s timely that you’re here in this place chasing me down like a kid. Slowly leaning into me, searching for the perfect moment, only to jolt back from rushing waters. You’re hesitant to get wet, but do not fear,…

Rushing Waves

May it be of luck and wishes when stars align and my heart misses the sight of you when it’s been too long meet me at the seashore once more for song and dance as we run from rushing waves.  

Kite Surfer

They swarm me one after another wave upon wave while I ride on the aggression of wind.  

Lost Finding Lost

We lose ourselves deep into the blur of nature. lost finding lost for the king prize of reflections amongst twisting trails, shadows, leaves, and winter’s thaw.


Your image is beautiful, even stunning. It’s lit well in all the right places. The composition is well balanced. And the color, oh my goodness, the color; have you looked at the color? Of course you have, you edited it, converting reality into to something lustful, making a replacement of the real deal.

Lake Life

The great divide, dark and cold, waving east with blowing snow. Icy patches, bergs ahead, can’t travel here you’ll sink instead. Feels like negative, my lips do tell, as frost develops on those licked so well. Crossing is not so easy, around I must go, slippery and slick are the roads below, of the great…

Painted Water

The sunset of brush strokes have captured a movement of water and cloudscape sky.

Mirror Mirror

This evenings sunset, full of awe, wonder, and mirror images.