To Whom Are You

  Who gave you the right to captivate & steel what was guarded? A precious jewel of High Court quality, saintly, worth more than rubies and gold. To whom are you to nestle me in textures, leaving me to lay in wait, while you are lost amongst the crowd of summer.

Waiting Through Doubt

The doubt isn’t that there are good ones out there, it’s waiting for him to show up.

Hope Beyond Illusions

Wrapped amongst layers to keep me from frostbite, I am found content. For a moment, my eye lids absorb the warmth of sunlight, while I stand at the edge of earth and sky, breathing in winter. You, you linger on my mind like the sweet after taste of dessert, making me aware of the butterflies…


A hopeful joy fills me, as I linger long at the edge of sand, water, and wind. Where I  wonder, I ponder, I dismiss, I wish, I pine, I miss, down by our seashore, distracted by light, shadows, texture, and movement. You were there, I was there, we were there, in places where our footprints…