Earth’s Confetti

I am amongst earth’s confetti. I stand above it, stroking its rustic colors with my eyes and embracing its beginning and end. When I am emerged in it, my feet crush its leaves trail after trail, while I inhale its essence deep within my soul; tasting its sweetness on my palate and filling me with…

s e c r e t p l a c e s

Was I sought or did I seek the clandestine of silence amongst the forrest and snow for my eyes to transfix themselves, while the fragrance of the lingering evergreen swept me away.


As a zesting of winter’s soon to be unmeasurable white muddles my view, I find myself swiping through photos of warmer memories; realizing how much I miss the color green. For it is alone I am not in this bipolar winter, where Michiganders alike can sympathize that each time a thaw appears, we are hoping…

Winters Current

A current of little icebergs parade south, mesmerizing me as the coffee shop grows quiet. One by one, people disappear beyond the swinging door and out into winter, where salt has melted iced streets and sidewalks. Frank Sinatra fills my ears, “We’re Just a Kiss Apart” while my thoughts drift along in remembrance with winters…

Mountain of Rest

I took a trip to Forest Falls, CA to rest and refresh these bones. A mountain of trees, a quiet community, whispering winds, and breathtaking views left me in awe of nature. I’m left wondering one thing, when can I go back. To to read more on this story, click here.