A Delicate Illumination

You jumped out at me, illuminated by the morning sun, during my most recent walk on the road taken beyond asphalt and city streets. I became lost in the way the light touched you delicately, softening your edges, and mesmerizing me into contentment.


When natures privacy curtain s t f i l a road less traveled encourages my prying eyes to proceed f  o  r  w  a  r  d.


Without you my world would be dull lacking in details and aesthetic views.

Fading Light and Magical Snow

In the depths of cold winter and grey skies, beyond snow fences, sunsets, and shadows; Away from the lens, yet in focus of life. Down by the seashore, hearts are captured by the fading light and magical snow.

Smelling Sunset

Tranquility laps to shore, as my mind races between thoughts. Eyes widen awake when the smell of warm milk wafts by me, leaving me puzzled.