There are stories that need to be told but these silent lips do not wish to speak There are eyes waiting to decipher but these lids remain closed I am here yet I am not here Lost amongst thoughts that continuously inhabit places that leave me numb  

The Mind

Where are we but trapped in our own minds, lost in isolation? My own little utopia, a place of quiet wrestling between thoughts and “squirrel,” attracted by distraction. An illusion, where memories live in hues that rise and fall with day replaying their scenery over and over, enticing me from one moment to the next,…

Little Box of Nothing

You hideout nestled in your little box of nothing, while my thoughts run wild and untamed. Often, I wish I had a nothing box.

One Step

  You walk one step ahead, eyes searching for something to capture, something you recognize as familiar, something you’ve been searching for, but didn’t know you were looking. You lift your lens, but hesitate. I can almost hear your brain working, trying to read the mind of your subject, as it is, one step behind,…


Looking for a different perspective in photography, I took this photo of my cousin recently, who was watching her dog outside. While the photo was in its editing stages, I couldn’t help but think of her saying “Is there anyone out there?” in combination with an echo that fades into the distance. via Daily Prompt:…