Topsy Turvy

Your Light is that of communal reaching into depths beyond darkness parting religion for relationships reconciling hearts back to You when they have been lost, flipped upside down, and walking through life with blinders on. Your Light, heals anything that can tear or be torn. More miraculous than anything ever experienced ever known ever felt….

Lake and Light

You arrive, peeking just above the tree line, highlighting glass in the early morn’, rays stretching immeasurably beyond where eyes can see; not even darkness can hide. And though I’ve once written an ode to you, it’s not about you today. It’s about what your light illuminates, a subtle pattern.

Come, Sit with Me

Come, sit with me for awhile. We can hunker down here, amongst rolling grains of sand, huddled together for warmth under abstract rays of sunshine. You can tell me of stories long before, and I’ll tell you mine, while we are mesmerized by the movement of water, far beyond our reach. Far out in the…

A Delicate Illumination

You jumped out at me, illuminated by the morning sun, during my most recent walk on the road taken beyond asphalt and city streets. I became lost in the way the light touched you delicately, softening your edges, and mesmerizing me into contentment.


You pepper me with glisten and glitter dancing on shifting sands illuminating little details, while I am found captured and captivated; awed by such beauty.


You speak in words I cannot comprehend Your tongue a dialect I cannot translate But the way the sun defines you and how it dances light through you lets my imagination run wild, like an untamed animal.


Without you my world would be dull lacking in details and aesthetic views.

Where Long Shadows Fall

It’s a winters dream, that I stand with you in the kitchen where long shadows fall. Your light coaxes me to scatter room to room layering fiber by fiber, until my flesh becomes a weave of the prettiest patterns, warm and prepared. Mentally I give myself an external once over, before boots finally step out…


Oh to see you once more out beyond the horizons of my mind out where sea touches sand where you encompass the light on my face; seek me sooner than someday.

Light on the Lake

It is to my fortune this chilly morning, that I watch you play and dance effortlessly on ice; teasing me with your beauty. Your closeness warms me for but a moment before shades of gray cover the smile on my face, and you fade from my eyes. via Daily Prompt: Fortune