She was lured too far to the edge, lunging out into light from the darkness she had been quarantined in. Step by step she closed the gap between destination and desire, thumping her cane along her side. Just beyond the curve, steps from the rail, slowly she sank into her chair. Instantly, she relaxed under…

Good Night, Good Morning

You are uniform, whether rise or fall, dawn or dusk You remain the same whether seen or unseen displaying an array of colors, that captivate. You are bright, warm, and I look forward to basking in you every day.  


You pepper me with glisten and glitter dancing on shifting sands illuminating little details, while I am found captured and captivated; awed by such beauty.


Without you my world would be dull lacking in details and aesthetic views.

Where Long Shadows Fall

It’s a winters dream, that I stand with you in the kitchen where long shadows fall. Your light coaxes me to scatter room to room layering fiber by fiber, until my flesh becomes a weave of the prettiest patterns, warm and prepared. Mentally I give myself an external once over, before boots finally step out…


Oh to see you once more out beyond the horizons of my mind out where sea touches sand where you encompass the light on my face; seek me sooner than someday.

Lured by Light

The light is alive! It’s an invigorating renewal to my soul and I crave to be in it. Layer by layer, I bundle until only my eyes peer between my jacket and hat, then step out into winter. What was supposed to be 36 degrees, feels more like twenty, but that didn’t stop me, as…


Captivated by your warmth and light, and missing the smile you put on my face, it is you, that leaves me wishing for one more day. You that pulls me out of bed in the morning and draws me near seaside glowing skies in the evening, before you are swallowed by depths of blue. And…

Shifting into the Shade

Peeking above the trees in the distance, the sun glistens and dances on the water below me. I had no plans today, but my mind has other ideas. Reminding myself of the reason to be out on the deck in the first place, in 40 degree weather, I collect my thoughts and move toward embracing…

Upper Peninsula – Lake Michigan Sunset

Your light enamors me, stretching across the sky and reflecting off of nature at a hue slightly darker than your original face. You create highlights on everything you touch and shadow when you drop over the edge of earth.


There is so much of God’s creation that I marvel at, but I’d have to say that sunrise is my favorite, with burst of bright alive colors and a sense of giddy energy. A very close second is sunset. After searching through my pictures for a good sunset photo, I found I had more sunrise…