s e c r e t p l a c e s

Was I sought or did I seek the clandestine of silence amongst the forrest and snow for my eyes to transfix themselves, while the fragrance of the lingering evergreen swept me away.


Once able to stand firm in the foundation of shifting sands, gale force winds, rushing water, and winter Now, mangled atop fresh laden snow, basking in the sun, and casting shadows Totally wrecked, yet beautifully abstract

Asleep in Spring, Awake in Winter

Earth’s laden snow, pristine and fresh, accumulates through shades of dark, while warmth cuddles me in the night, and winter fights its way back into February. By morning, a chill clings to my hair and warmth dissipates when I pull back the covers, exposing itself to long shadows stretching across the room. I wander out…

The Hunted Hunter

So many thoughts when one is out here alone blazing new trails letting wonder lead restless feet to find what is unknown to be found. The wolf, the bear could they see me from here? While I stalk in winter’s white wondering if I’m actually the prey. I am unafraid, hear nothing, yet feel everything….

Shivers and Snow

Snowflakes dance and flurry, shivers touch my insides, and the smell of burning wood invades nostalgic senses. For a moment, I am a child playing in winters bitter cold, layered beyond warmth, where sweat begins to form and hair plasters against my forehead. Looking out in the distance I make my course before jumping on…

Death of Yellow

As I bask in warmth of winters grasp, float in dreams of last nights ask; snow and temperatures clench the life of yellow, freezing it to death.

Lake Life

The great divide, dark and cold, waving east with blowing snow. Icy patches, bergs ahead, can’t travel here you’ll sink instead. Feels like negative, my lips do tell, as frost develops on those licked so well. Crossing is not so easy, around I must go, slippery and slick are the roads below, of the great…

Fading Light and Magical Snow

In the depths of cold winter and grey skies, beyond snow fences, sunsets, and shadows; Away from the lens, yet in focus of life. Down by the seashore, hearts are captured by the fading light and magical snow.

Winter’s Bite

One foot in front of the other, my hiking boots grip to the snowy street, as I lean slightly back into the hillside, as to not slip, while my jacket collar tugs at my chin, reminding me its flexibility only goes so far. I have this vision of me rolling down the hill, turning into…

11 Degrees: Feels Like -3

It’s the coldest day of winter thus far, but that doesn’t phase me as I step into the oncoming snowstorm drifting inland. I am eager to get outside, shovel and breathe in the freshness of snow. Call this folly, call this whatever you want; it doesn’t matter. Shovel in hand, I scratch my ergonomic blue…

Moving Snow

Cold winds and dancing snow leap and shift in light beams before me, inches above the black asphalt. Its sparkle and white pull me into a story, on this dark morning. I am mesmerized by its sway and treasure the moment, so much so, that I forget I am driving, until a change of red…

Stepping into the White

Anxious snowflakes that are but dust fall from the sky feverishly covering the earth, layer by layer. Darker the sky became until I could no longer tell the depth of the snow. Oh my! I wonder what tomorrow will look like? I say to myself, as I watch in bated breathe, car lights inching closer…