There are stories that need to be told but these silent lips do not wish to speak There are eyes waiting to decipher but these lids remain closed I am here yet I am not here Lost amongst thoughts that continuously inhabit places that leave me numb  

To Be Human Again in the Busy Season

I’m awake, it’s dark, and sounds from the television are muffled under my door. It must be morning, but why is it so dark? Slow to rise, I limber my legs over the edge of the bed to look at the clock; 2:30am. I debate laying back down, but the urgency to pee is pushing…

Bridging Memory

Though it’s only been one of two nights here, I have forgotten where I am. My eyes squint awake trying to make out objects in the darkness, where¬†only a slit of light occupies the space. My body has registered awake, as my mind toggles in between dream and reality. Softness and warmth sandwich me, luring…

The Silence of Night

Stars twinkle above me against the blackened sky as I cruise along side the St. Clair River, southbound toward home. I am lost in thoughts of hope and joy when blue lights and a soft ambiance appear in the woods. Contentment finds me instantly peaceful in the silence of night.

The Waiting Room

We are listeners, hearers, and watchers engrossed in our technologies surrounded by white walled waiting. Commercials and annoying distant music break the silence, but do not distract our bowed heads from our illuminating lighted gadgets that entice us to type and swipe.