Rushing Waves

May it be of luck and wishes when stars align and my heart misses the sight of you when it’s been too long meet me at the seashore once more for song and dance as we run from rushing waves.  

Hope on the Seashore

Lovingly my feet swift me away to the seashore, as you lay upon my mind; In sweet whispers of music I float in loves tender divine.


A hopeful joy fills me, as I linger long at the edge of sand, water, and wind. Where I  wonder, I ponder, I dismiss, I wish, I pine, I miss, down by our seashore, distracted by light, shadows, texture, and movement. You were there, I was there, we were there, in places where our footprints…

Fading Light and Magical Snow

In the depths of cold winter and grey skies, beyond snow fences, sunsets, and shadows; Away from the lens, yet in focus of life. Down by the seashore, hearts are captured by the fading light and magical snow.