There are stories that need to be told but these silent lips do not wish to speak There are eyes waiting to decipher but these lids remain closed I am here yet I am not here Lost amongst thoughts that continuously inhabit places that leave me numb  

Places We Savor

Softly tender words f a l l from my lips. I speak to no one but myself secretly hoping you will hear them embrace them and return to where our feet stepped upon lapping waters, in places we savor color washing ashore, where laughter filled our lungs, and smiles broke the silence between awkward and…

From the Sea

I write to you from the sea where gulls soar upon blue waters an illusion of how near, yet far, you are to me.

Waiting a Pursuant

Is it jealousy really when I methodically rock in my chair, high over land and water, watching nature engage in the art of pursuing, while I wait patiently my turn to be sought after with such vigor?

They, Don’t Exist

I’m never going to be the petite supermodel society has brainwashed you into thinking is the right match for you. My legs will have cellulite that hasn’t been airbrushed, my muffin top and back fat will always be a project for me to work off, every little wart and skin tag I try hard to…

Edge of Twilight

To the last I talk to and the first I think of, Delighted I am, that you are on my mind;¬†which is nothing out of the ordinary, for you are ingrained in my life like a freckle on my hand. While twilight peeks at me through the window shade, I imagine you pulled from sleep,…

Just One

It takes just one moment with you for me to grin my unmoored heart to flutter butterflies to dance. Just One.

Blushing Text

My mistake to send you kisses while trying to send you hearts like the color of blooming pink flowers I shyly blush, revealing more than what’s been communicated.


Golden are these moments with you as the sun drops beyond earth, composing hues and silhouettes of great measure. Savoring every detail, I become lost in the wonderment of captivated, lost in color and movement, lost in golden.  


You least blindly, lead me around sharp objects where first You pierced them.

A Little Piece of You

  Approaching departure we drift through rugged terrain, mountain ranges, and green hills; yellow flowers and ocean. Only hours left of your refreshing presence do I have. And though the view may disappear, you will not leave me. For within each sweet moment filled with familiar nuances, laughter, and shared excitement, I have become a…