I know you’re coming, your presence doesn’t exactly hide off shore very well. It lurks in the grey shadows, prowling deep waters, waiting for the right moment… to soak everything in its path.

Natures Drama

Rain rapped on the window ten inches from my head like an angry neighbor, trying to wake me from a deep sleep. I rolled towards the sound, realizing that there was so much more happening beyond the shade. Dorothy and Toto could only endure the whipping wind accompanied by dancing cats and dogs in the…

Drip Drip Drip

5:44am Tucked deep into darkness and warmth, drip drip drip…lures me nearer the surface, near the light. Yet, with vigor I return to the darker shades of charcoal, ignoring drip drip drip, until it unleashes echos in my head and springs me awake and annoyed. via Daily Prompt: Vigor