Quality Time Companions

There comes a point in life when your heart yearns for more friendships, companions to go through life with, spend quality time with, laugh with and love with. I miss those friendships. They are everything this book on my lap cannot provide, nor texting can fulfill.


me you us two chairs and the sea at sunrise

Becoming Less

year by year day by day week by week hour by hour minute by minute second by s.e..c…o….n…..d……    

Come, Sit with Me

Come, sit with me for awhile. We can hunker down here, amongst rolling grains of sand, huddled together for warmth under abstract rays of sunshine. You can tell me of stories long before, and I’ll tell you mine, while we are mesmerized by the movement of water, far beyond our reach. Far out in the…

My Secret Mission: Quality Time

My youngest niece is sad that mommy is leaving on her date night with daddy. I share that we have a secret mission in hopes it will entice her into the adventure rather than focus on mommy leaving. When the words “secret mission” fall from my lips, my eldest niece immediately inquires ”What? Where? When…