Perch Here

Paddle me across these waters as the fog dances and light begins to cast morning shadows. I will listen to the loon speak dialects that I don’t understand, yet my soul resonates with every call.


There are stories that need to be told but these silent lips do not wish to speak There are eyes waiting to decipher but these lids remain closed I am here yet I am not here Lost amongst thoughts that continuously inhabit places that leave me numb  

A Thorn in My Flesh

From the inside out, mope finds me despondent to my environment. This is not my everyday; I know she is arriving. Cold is my body, chilled to the bone, a carcass empty and tired seeking warmth between two layers, as sleep tugs at my eyelids. She’s calling me, I hear her whispers in my achy…

Seven Swans

I am drowned in thoughts scraping winter from the driveway, while tossing back and forth moody emotions; trying to find balance between my head and my heart. The rhythmic motion soothes me, I am less agitated by my doubts and fears. Yet, still drawn to the tug and pull, lost amongst pain and joy. My…