s e c r e t p l a c e s

Was I sought or did I seek the clandestine of silence amongst the forrest and snow for my eyes to transfix themselves, while the fragrance of the lingering evergreen swept me away.


  When I first saw the sun go down on this particular evening last week, I thought, nothing about going out in the freezing temps to capture it. But, when the light reflected off the snow, I couldn’t contain myself; adorned winter gear, grabbed my camera and stepped out into a magical place.


As a zesting of winter’s soon to be unmeasurable white muddles my view, I find myself swiping through photos of warmer memories; realizing how much I miss the color green. For it is alone I am not in this bipolar winter, where Michiganders alike can sympathize that each time a thaw appears, we are hoping…

Bite Your Tongue

Imagine driving home, singing along to the latest worship music with joy in your heart as you sing onto the Lord, and the heater blasting winter’s cold from your bones. For a little while, you forget where you’re going, until your road appears before you. At a moments notice, you remember the need to get…

Winter’s Immersing Day

You’re calling me from my sleep into the unknown to lay by your waters where my heart will be full I heard a sweet tender voice, a lapping of waves I saw a cloud arising to light, from winters immersing day


Once able to stand firm in the foundation of shifting sands, gale force winds, rushing water, and winter Now, mangled atop fresh laden snow, basking in the sun, and casting shadows Totally wrecked, yet beautifully abstract

Finding Serenity

Finding serenity in solitude, out where fog meets frozen waters and the lone of wood meets earth. I pass by this place almost daily. And while I have tried to ignore its serene presence, I simply cannot resist to stand here and appreciate the simple beauty; to collect my thoughts that have drifted into all…

Wee Hours of Morning

If I must meet you atop dark frozen waters contorting my body like a game of twister while I tremble from the cold of winter, I will.

Shivers and Snow

Snowflakes dance and flurry, shivers touch my insides, and the smell of burning wood invades nostalgic senses. For a moment, I am a child playing in winters bitter cold, layered beyond warmth, where sweat begins to form and hair plasters against my forehead. Looking out in the distance I make my course before jumping on…


You fall from the sky so effortless, so simple. And while I stand behind double panes in my pajamas, contemplating my day ahead, I am filled with internal excitement and dread, as I watch you gather in a flurry, turning what was once green to white.