Earth’s Confetti

I am amongst earth’s confetti. I stand above it, stroking its rustic colors with my eyes and embracing its beginning and end. When I am emerged in it, my feet crush its leaves trail after trail, while I inhale its essence deep within my soul; tasting its sweetness on my palate and filling me with…


I know you’re coming, your presence doesn’t exactly hide off shore very well. It lurks in the grey shadows, prowling deep waters, waiting for the right moment… to soak everything in its path.


Do my eyes deceive me? You move on an imaginary string across the sky, as I lay upon the silky sand listening to lapping waves reach higher upon the shore. And as hues change into pastels, I ponder with a critical eye, whether water drops or sand adorn my lens, while the wind caresses skin…

Dead Tree

You were once reaching, touching heaven and rooted, digging into earth. You were beauty to the human eye, dancing in the wind and enduring seasonal nature, until you could no longer. No matter how hard you hung on to life, death slowly took it from you, until there was none. Oh the things you’ve seen…

Rushing Waves

May it be of luck and wishes when stars align and my heart misses the sight of you when it’s been too long meet me at the seashore once more for song and dance as we run from rushing waves.  

Finding You

I find you here. After endless miles of asphalt, from lakeshore to lakeshore, my mind discovers ease as you remind me of what I cannot “not” do. You encourage me to pursue what you have made me for. On this wooden porch and in your creative nature, the air brushing gently over my face, I…

Michigan’s Water’s Edge

On a drive through Grosse Pointe, MI, this was by far the most beautiful view I saw all day; where the Detroit River meets Lake St. Clair.