Earth’s Confetti

I am amongst earth’s confetti. I stand above it, stroking its rustic colors with my eyes and embracing its beginning and end. When I am emerged in it, my feet crush its leaves trail after trail, while I inhale its essence deep within my soul; tasting its sweetness on my palate and filling me with…

The Apprentice

Your name escapes me, it is the least on my mind, for I am but an apprentice to your expertise, 
 while we move through the silence of crisp morning
 in familiar places
 and unfamiliar territory.


You pursue me, want me, desire me, have a purpose for me. Yet, over and over again, I’ve pushed You away, taken You for granted, stared You down, and locked You in a box like a treasure. It’s by grace You remain by my side, never changing as my life cycles like a roller coaster,…

Turning Back

Beyond the gray is something remarkable, something lovely something breathtaking something worth sharing. It’s so captivating it won’t let you leave, always drawing you back for an another look, just one more time. At least that’s what I think as I stand here, having turned back more times that I can count each moment drawing…

Strategizing Nature

“If I put my hand there and my foot there and bend to the left, dropping my knee there, yes,” I thought, pondering if any other twister moves are necessary to tip toe around the icy rocks and thorn bush over the bank edge. “I can do this.” One boot in, “um, okay, hand here,…

Lake and Light

You arrive, peeking just above the tree line, highlighting glass in the early morn’, rays stretching immeasurably beyond where eyes can see; not even darkness can hide. And though I’ve once written an ode to you, it’s not about you today. It’s about what your light illuminates, a subtle pattern.


When returning to places long left behind I wonder why I left at all. Like a barb, you clung to me over the years refusing to give up on drawing me back to the land I long desire.  

Lost Finding Lost

We lose ourselves deep into the blur of nature. lost finding lost for the king prize of reflections amongst twisting trails, shadows, leaves, and winter’s thaw.

Light on the Lake

It is to my fortune this chilly morning, that I watch you play and dance effortlessly on ice; teasing me with your beauty. Your closeness warms me for but a moment before shades of gray cover the smile on my face, and you fade from my eyes. via Daily Prompt: Fortune

Fading Light and Magical Snow

In the depths of cold winter and grey skies, beyond snow fences, sunsets, and shadows; Away from the lens, yet in focus of life. Down by the seashore, hearts are captured by the fading light and magical snow.

No Buddy Fishing

Me: Yesterday, the lake was flowing water with ice cubes. Today, it’s a frozen tundra. Uncle Scotty: Tis’ the season nobody’s fishing; boats can’t get through the ice and it’s too thin for anyone to be on. Me: Buddy Fishing? What’s that? Uncle Scotty: Nobody is fishing. Me: Oh… Laughter erupts over the conversation. via…

Winter’s Bite

One foot in front of the other, my hiking boots grip to the snowy street, as I lean slightly back into the hillside, as to not slip, while my jacket collar tugs at my chin, reminding me its flexibility only goes so far. I have this vision of me rolling down the hill, turning into…