A hopeful joy fills me, as I linger long at the edge of sand, water, and wind. Where I  wonder, I ponder, I dismiss, I wish, I pine, I miss, down by our seashore, distracted by light, shadows, texture, and movement. You were there, I was there, we were there, in places where our footprints…

Lured by Light

The light is alive! It’s an invigorating renewal to my soul and I crave to be in it. Layer by layer, I bundle until only my eyes peer between my jacket and hat, then step out into winter. What was supposed to be 36 degrees, feels more like twenty, but that didn’t stop me, as…

Edges of Discovery

As we tip toe to the edge of dry, where winter forms shelves of frozen sand, rocks of ice, and a sheet of blue melted snowflakes, we discover paths where only our own footprints reside. via Daily Prompt: Discover

Rushing to Shore

Wave: The story of my life seems common, but truly it is a rush. Strong winds force me to climb higher and higher, until I bend and arch with momentum crashing forward. I surge to shore invigorated touching my highest peak on the sand before me. Only for a moment I am a mirror image,…

Painted Water

The sunset of brush strokes have captured a movement of water and cloudscape sky.

Mirror Mirror

This evenings sunset, full of awe, wonder, and mirror images.  

Smelling Sunset

Tranquility laps to shore, as my mind races between thoughts. Eyes widen awake when the smell of warm milk wafts by me, leaving me puzzled.

The Taste of Refreshing

Shifting feet sink into descending footsteps before me, as the sun slips into the horizon. The sweetest water consumes my senses, I am refreshed by its taste and inhale again.

Stepping into Respite

A half mile off of the shore of Lake Michigan, tucked into tall trees and beyond the riding lawn mower green lawn, is a little ranch house I grew up in. After three hours of asphalt across the mitten state, I pull up the familiar stone driveway lined by edging grass and sporadic tree placements;…

Trolling at Sunset

A quick stop at White Duck Market in Whitehall, MI for Hudsonville ice cream and waffle cones, my mother and I head to one of our favorite Lake Michigan parking spots to watch the sun fall beyond the dark storm front on the horizon. While the heater blasts, we tackle our cones faster, hoping not…