Emptying My Soul

As I sit here basking in the sunlight on my vacation, worship music filling my ears, the heat of light warming my face, burning off the coolness of morning, I imagine writing all that I’ve been arm wrestling with on stones and skipping them across the lake, that beckons me. One by one, each unique…

Not Even Myself

Ever gone on vacation and you didn’t know what to do first, so you did nothing at all. How much more did your body just need to rest rather than to do? I could easily fall asleep here, sitting in a comfy chair in the corner of the cottage while tree shadows danced in the…


Winter is slipping away one morning glow at a time one second of thawing ice one moment of spring thoughts one….

Winter’s Immersing Day

You’re calling me from my sleep into the unknown to lay by your waters where my heart will be full I heard a sweet tender voice, a lapping of waves I saw a cloud arising to light, from winters immersing day


me you us two chairs and the sea at sunrise

Cotton Candy Skies

That’s all it took one tug at the heart to slip on winter march off the mountain and sit in this moment of serene cotton candy skies.

Goodbye Night

  You call me straight out of dreams and long forgotten tales to stumble in the dark toward hardwood and nails. And while the bite of winter nips at my nose, plays on my skin totally exposed; the flames in the sky turn dark to light hello daytime goodbye night.    

I Am

a tether tied to your shores by individual strands of fiber strong enough to hold objects in place much larger and heavier than my own stature; a bridge between the boat of which I sail upon and often attached to anchored structures. Holding my ground on and off vessels, through all seasons, I am sure…

Turning Back

Beyond the gray is something remarkable, something lovely something breathtaking something worth sharing. It’s so captivating it won’t let you leave, always drawing you back for an another look, just one more time. At least that’s what I think as I stand here, having turned back more times that I can count each moment drawing…

Patch Work

Cynical walls build back around my heart, where you tore them down. Like patch work, each stone is put back into place, while variances of purple rise and fall from the sky.

Strategizing Nature

“If I put my hand there and my foot there and bend to the left, dropping my knee there, yes,” I thought, pondering if any other twister moves are necessary to tip toe around the icy rocks and thorn bush over the bank edge. “I can do this.” One boot in, “um, okay, hand here,…

Lake and Light

You arrive, peeking just above the tree line, highlighting glass in the early morn’, rays stretching immeasurably beyond where eyes can see; not even darkness can hide. And though I’ve once written an ode to you, it’s not about you today. It’s about what your light illuminates, a subtle pattern.