You speak in words I cannot comprehend Your tongue a dialect I cannot translate But the way the sun defines you and how it dances light through you lets my imagination run wild, like an untamed animal.

Wee Hours of Morning

If I must meet you atop dark frozen waters contorting my body like a game of twister while I tremble from the cold of winter, I will.

Lake Life

The great divide, dark and cold, waving east with blowing snow. Icy patches, bergs ahead, can’t travel here you’ll sink instead. Feels like negative, my lips do tell, as frost develops on those licked so well. Crossing is not so easy, around I must go, slippery and slick are the roads below, of the great…

Lured by Light

The light is alive! It’s an invigorating renewal to my soul and I crave to be in it. Layer by layer, I bundle until only my eyes peer between my jacket and hat, then step out into winter. What was supposed to be 36 degrees, feels more like twenty, but that didn’t stop me, as…

Edges of Discovery

As we tip toe to the edge of dry, where winter forms shelves of frozen sand, rocks of ice, and a sheet of blue melted snowflakes, we discover paths where only our own footprints reside. via Daily Prompt: Discover

Light on the Lake

It is to my fortune this chilly morning, that I watch you play and dance effortlessly on ice; teasing me with your beauty. Your closeness warms me for but a moment before shades of gray cover the smile on my face, and you fade from my eyes. via Daily Prompt: Fortune

Winters Current

A current of little icebergs parade south, mesmerizing me as the coffee shop grows quiet. One by one, people disappear beyond the swinging door and out into winter, where salt has melted iced streets and sidewalks. Frank Sinatra fills my ears, “We’re Just a Kiss Apart” while my thoughts drift along in remembrance with winters…

From the Inside

Beyond the large pane window, trees shake and lean, while the wind rocks back and forth on the swing set. The hot sun seems as though it could melt the dwindling snow scattered across our lawn and ice that has clung to our driveway. The temperature is eighteen degrees, but it’s the feels like that…