Before the Stars

Mesmerized by glistening water wave after wave I imagine you, wherever you maybe, doing the same; Both of us taking in all we can, before shades of gold slip into radiate reds and shiny diamonds leap from the sky.    

Ending My Today

You captivate me with Your brush strokes as I am found surrendered to Your spirit and caught marveling at Your hand in this moment where I linger long upon the soil you nourish watching your handiwork end my today beginning someone else’s tomorrow.  


Golden are these moments with you as the sun drops beyond earth, composing hues and silhouettes of great measure. Savoring every detail, I become lost in the wonderment of captivated, lost in color and movement, lost in golden.  


For a moment I smell the freshness of wind and water; to me it smells like summer. A time I am looking forward to, when I can lay in the warm sand, lost, belonging to nobody, not even myself. But, that isn’t today. As the wind violently whips my hair against my neck and waves crash to…

A Delicate Illumination

You jumped out at me, illuminated by the morning sun, during my most recent walk on the road taken beyond asphalt and city streets. I became lost in the way the light touched you delicately, softening your edges, and mesmerizing me into contentment.


You speak in words I cannot comprehend Your tongue a dialect I cannot translate But the way the sun defines you and how it dances light through you lets my imagination run wild, like an untamed animal.


Your image is beautiful, even stunning. It’s lit well in all the right places. The composition is well balanced. And the color, oh my goodness, the color; have you looked at the color? Of course you have, you edited it, converting reality into to something lustful, making a replacement of the real deal.

Walk with Me

Walk with me would you? Walk with me past the dead of yesterday’s flowers, where yellow lived on soft petals that bore out of green and earth. Walk with me over the ice and snow, on rich land that flourishes off the spring of love. Will you walk with me or will you run? Will…


A hopeful joy fills me, as I linger long at the edge of sand, water, and wind. Where I  wonder, I ponder, I dismiss, I wish, I pine, I miss, down by our seashore, distracted by light, shadows, texture, and movement. You were there, I was there, we were there, in places where our footprints…