Death of Yellow

As I bask in warmth of winters grasp, float in dreams of last nights ask; snow and temperatures clench the life of yellow, freezing it to death.

Edges of Discovery

As we tip toe to the edge of dry, where winter forms shelves of frozen sand, rocks of ice, and a sheet of blue melted snowflakes, we discover paths where only our own footprints reside. via Daily Prompt: Discover

Winter’s Bite

One foot in front of the other, my hiking boots grip to the snowy street, as I lean slightly back into the hillside, as to not slip, while my jacket collar tugs at my chin, reminding me its flexibility only goes so far. I have this vision of me rolling down the hill, turning into…

11 Degrees: Feels Like -3

It’s the coldest day of winter thus far, but that doesn’t phase me as I step into the oncoming snowstorm drifting inland. I am eager to get outside, shovel and breathe in the freshness of snow. Call this folly, call this whatever you want; it doesn’t matter. Shovel in hand, I scratch my ergonomic blue…