No Nothin’

No nothin’, nothin’ at all shall break me harder than this fall not the bed of leaves layin below not the sound of your voice saying hello not the age of our longest day nor my heart when you walk away No nothin’, nothin’ at all  

Just One

It takes just one moment with you for me to grin my unmoored heart to flutter butterflies to dance. Just One.

The Buddy

Always “the buddy,” never the girlfriend, how the heck will I ever be a wife? Will I ever be a wife? As my heart caves and tears form, I lose myself for a moment, caught between desire and emotions. I am horrible at reading between the lines, perceiving truths, and believing there is more where…

Seven Swans

I am drowned in thoughts scraping winter from the driveway, while tossing back and forth moody emotions; trying to find balance between my head and my heart. The rhythmic motion soothes me, I am less agitated by my doubts and fears. Yet, still drawn to the tug and pull, lost amongst pain and joy. My…


I’m home in the presence of you; and there is so much to say as I gaze into hazel, yet my trembling lips lay in wait. Every ounce of me is screaming to tell you these thoughts I’ve been holding in for so long. How long must I wait? Tears like rain drops against a…