Here I am squatted by your grave, if you had one, I think this is where it would be. Tucked away from society, deep in the thick of tall pines and luscious green grass, with dancing wildflowers. Oh yes, this is definitely your space. I think you brought me back here once when I was…

Dirt Therapy

Pink dirty gloves adorn my hands as I grip the angled handle before sinking the steel claw deep into soil, inches from my next weekly annoyance. In harmony with the earth and the therapy it provides, mindlessly, I pull upward feeling the roots give way to force; killing one weed at a time. My empty…

Nearing the End

Lonely are the days of grey blanketing the earth, even the daffodils are downtrodden. But there is hope on the horizon, as opaque moves onward exposing blue, and an internal smile brings simple joy to my heart; the end of grey is nearing.

Without It

The edge of earth, where sunrise entangles my eyes lost in ever changing hues, so much that I trouble seeing anything else other than what’s on the horizon. But, when the color disappears, a different world presents itself.