In the Waiting

My mother would often tell me I put the cart before the horse. She was right. I would think or step too far ahead than where I actually was; in the waiting. The yearning for hopes and desires can be like a desert without rain when deferred days, months, or even years without an answer…

Stepping Into Sunset

Take my hand and step with me into hues of late summer warmth, where I long to chase feathers with you again.


I want to write, but I have no words to say, no thoughts provoked, no memories to recant. The urgency to produce is wild, reckless even. For though this chair holds me down, pulling words from the unknown, my view distracts and catapults me out into an enticing trance of intoxication.


When returning to places long left behind I wonder why I left at all. Like a barb, you clung to me over the years refusing to give up on drawing me back to the land I long desire.  

Just a Kiss

Your breath is on my tongue, I taste you; lip to lip give and take as butterflies arouse my insides, unseen.


Oh to see you once more out beyond the horizons of my mind out where sea touches sand where you encompass the light on my face; seek me sooner than someday.

Inspired to Create

Cold bites at my sweater as I death grip the handrail, before entering the dark cemented gap between the house and earth. A focused eye finds what it’s looking for in the corner, full of shadows. While I search for a light in the switchless room, I stumble upon a knob. Twisting it, darkness grows…

Wrapped in a Moment

My cup runneth over, as I sit rocking in a chair on the front deck, watching the sun rise above the earth, until the red and orange glow disappears. Its warmth absorbs into my mummy wrapped skin covered by a sushi designed fleece blanket that I received for Christmas last year. While worship songs fill…

Calling Me Where I Am

God has been calling me where I am, but I haven’t been listening. As some of you know, from my previous posts, I have been arm wrestling with God about my purpose regarding why I am here, in this little town on the edge of the water that separates me from Canada. Why here? Why…

Room 401

7:55am prayer, Father, don’t allow me to get in the way of Your purpose today. The door shuts behind me as I frantically pat my pockets for the room key. Acknowledging I have it I press 1 as my stomach flip flops at the downward motion. Ding, the door opens and I step out under…

A Home of Love

Home, a place where you are determined to defeat brokenness that plague your earthly existence that you have been trying hard to leave behind for purpose of doing better, in search of a more desirable love. You are on the fence and struggle to trust or have faith in what you can’t see. You are…