Topsy Turvy

Your Light is that of communal reaching into depths beyond darkness parting religion for relationships reconciling hearts back to You when they have been lost, flipped upside down, and walking through life with blinders on. Your Light, heals anything that can tear or be torn. More miraculous than anything ever experienced ever known ever felt….

Winter’s Immersing Day

You’re calling me from my sleep into the unknown to lay by your waters where my heart will be full I heard a sweet tender voice, a lapping of waves I saw a cloud arising to light, from winters immersing day


I know you’re coming, your presence doesn’t exactly hide off shore very well. It lurks in the grey shadows, prowling deep waters, waiting for the right moment… to soak everything in its path.

Mirror Mirror

This evenings sunset, full of awe, wonder, and mirror images.  

The Taste of Refreshing

Shifting feet sink into descending footsteps before me, as the sun slips into the horizon. The sweetest water consumes my senses, I am refreshed by its taste and inhale again.

Trolling at Sunset

A quick stop at White Duck Market in Whitehall, MI for Hudsonville ice cream and waffle cones, my mother and I head to one of our favorite Lake Michigan parking spots to watch the sun fall beyond the dark storm front on the horizon. While the heater blasts, we tackle our cones faster, hoping not…

Michigan’s Water’s Edge

On a drive through Grosse Pointe, MI, this was by far the most beautiful view I saw all day; where the Detroit River meets Lake St. Clair.

Upper Peninsula – Lake Michigan Sunset

Your light enamors me, stretching across the sky and reflecting off of nature at a hue slightly darker than your original face. You create highlights on everything you touch and shadow when you drop over the edge of earth.

Basking in Life on the Water

Resting in the wind as it sweeps up my face and beyond my lobes, the vessel gallops home bound through pockets of hot and cold as clouds play peek-a-boo with the sun.

Searching for Contentment – Part 2

December 31, 2:40pm, 21 degrees, but feels like 7, I’m sitting outside in a wooden adirondack chair. No, I haven’t lost my mind, I’m actually out here for a breath of fresh air. After hiking the woods for a little bit and taking photos of trees, I decide to sit and watch the clouds change…