Ending My Today

You captivate me with Your brush strokes as I am found surrendered to Your spirit and caught marveling at Your hand in this moment where I linger long upon the soil you nourish watching your handiwork end my today beginning someone else’s tomorrow.  

The Mind

Where are we but trapped in our own minds, lost in isolation? My own little utopia, a place of quiet wrestling between thoughts and “squirrel,” attracted by distraction. An illusion, where memories live in hues that rise and fall with day replaying their scenery over and over, enticing me from one moment to the next,…


The battle this morning is nothing new. Its charge of complacency settles within, while I rock in this chair under clouds and sun rays, pulling me deeper into shades of grey. I can hear Your whispers, like a soft tap on my shoulder. I try to listen, but with the world so loud, I can…

A Horn Summons for Battle

Savoring ever morsel of Your Light, I exist delighting in watching patient fishermen turn into silhouettes and the lapping of waves race to shore. I am least distracted, yet can no longer bare the wind chapping my face. Sliding off the dune to the waters edge, I glance twice more at the pastels retracting into…


You pursue me, want me, desire me, have a purpose for me. Yet, over and over again, I’ve pushed You away, taken You for granted, stared You down, and locked You in a box like a treasure. It’s by grace You remain by my side, never changing as my life cycles like a roller coaster,…

A Call to Action

Sometimes it is not enough to just passively turn from a sinful lifestyle we instead must uproot ourselves from it.


Surrounded by the presence of You, finding wellness in my soul, I begin to wonder how well it really is, as I search between darkness of intertwined sin, fresh and long forgiven, struggling to surrender. Far away are my thoughts, my head downtrodden, as shadows zip back and forth, flickering while I wrestle to capture light….

Somewhere In-Between

If only for a little while I could return to my own mind between memory and you, deep in the heart of Christ where once I was found, I might find balance instead emotions that fill my head with doubt and wandering avid hypotheticals.


You unravel me from the inside-out From the depths of muscle and blood Beyond the cavity of carcass Like putty, I mold to Your workmanship and the renewing of mind While You rebuild this flesh and bone into Your likeness. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed…


You least blindly, lead me around sharp objects where first You pierced them.

Room of Plenty

It is the smaller things in life, the practical ones, I’ve adhered to; ones so simple that others take for granted in this thirsty for more culture. Stretched upon my duvet cover to write this post, before the world pollutes my thinking, I sit here humbled by the blessings God has bestowed on me. Within…

Enticed by Fields with Thorns

It is very difficult to live in the image of Christ, when the world entices you to play in fields with thorns. I am human. I make human choices, some good, some bad; ultimately they are free will choices. And it’s within these choices I confirm obedient and disobedient decisions to God’s will. This I…