Perch Here

Paddle me across these waters as the fog dances and light begins to cast morning shadows. I will listen to the loon speak dialects that I don’t understand, yet my soul resonates with every call.

Where Does She Go?

I sit with my grandmother often, a ready hand when she’s in need. I am a safe place when she is lonely, a conversation techie when questions arise, a chef satisfying her taste buds, a hugger in confusion, and an encourager of her independence. At 99-years old, she’s lived longest in this home, raised a…


out of the darkness and into the light, beyond the fears that hold us back and into joy that awaits.

Passion is Calling

Rawly burnt out, I find myself craving to be refreshed, letting go of the “do, do, do” that has waded up in a ball so tight, it makes thinking impossible, and functioning but a fleeting memory. I want to run, yet rest. I want to put down the camera and live in the moment; look…


me you us two chairs and the sea at sunrise

The Mind

Where are we but trapped in our own minds, lost in isolation? My own little utopia, a place of quiet wrestling between thoughts and “squirrel,” attracted by distraction. An illusion, where memories live in hues that rise and fall with day replaying their scenery over and over, enticing me from one moment to the next,…

Without It

The edge of earth, where sunrise entangles my eyes lost in ever changing hues, so much that I trouble seeing anything else other than what’s on the horizon. But, when the color disappears, a different world presents itself.


Where am I, but in my head with thoughts of you and dancing hypotheticals bending in minimal minuscule ways of ideas and actions for premeditated responses that will be long forgotten in due time.      

Lake and Light

You arrive, peeking just above the tree line, highlighting glass in the early morn’, rays stretching immeasurably beyond where eyes can see; not even darkness can hide. And though I’ve once written an ode to you, it’s not about you today. It’s about what your light illuminates, a subtle pattern.

Tabling Color

Your vivid expression to remove all that encompass the air we breathe infuses my mind with thoughts and images I cannot define.