I saw you, once sunny and bright and even thought I might be able to touch you but the distance is too great as you fade from brilliance.


Once able to stand firm in the foundation of shifting sands, gale force winds, rushing water, and winter Now, mangled atop fresh laden snow, basking in the sun, and casting shadows Totally wrecked, yet beautifully abstract

Come, Sit with Me

Come, sit with me for awhile. We can hunker down here, amongst rolling grains of sand, huddled together for warmth under abstract rays of sunshine. You can tell me of stories long before, and I’ll tell you mine, while we are mesmerized by the movement of water, far beyond our reach. Far out in the…

Soda Pop

Filter it by lights a jacket or two green glass and fizz black straw and ice cube. Drink it cold and bubbly or lukewarm and flat ewe, I don’t think I wish to do that.