Knowing You

Just a little taste of what I’ve been working on, inspired by the life of a caretaker. “I am tired. Fatigued. Emotionally I want to breakdown into deep heaves, gasping for air through salted tears. I want to release all that I’ve been hanging on to. But I don’t. The sun is shaded by the…

Layer by Layer

When God woos us, layer by layer the walls around are hearts fall down.


They make stories, each formulated keystroke, that I didn’t even know existed moments ago, appearing on the blank canvas before me, like magic. They are personal, emotionally connected to one another, like the sweetness of a first kiss. They are torn, walled up, defensive, yet they are tender, loving, and careful. And they deplete me,…

It’s a Choice

…this attitude I have toward You. A decision to forgive. A mindset to let go of bitterness that has buried itself deep in the core of my soul, clinging on for dear life; a dissension between us. In truth, I forgave You gradually overtime, for as Your Love healed and Wise Counsel revealed roots of…

Savor the Moment

…..taking nothing for granted; for where there is life one day, there is death another.

Goodnight Kisses

You wrap me in your warmth through day, holding me dear in your grasp, ’til night skies emerge and your beauty tenderly kisses me goodnight.

Passion is Calling

Rawly burnt out, I find myself craving to be refreshed, letting go of the “do, do, do” that has waded up in a ball so tight, it makes thinking impossible, and functioning but a fleeting memory. I want to run, yet rest. I want to put down the camera and live in the moment; look…


Winter is slipping away one morning glow at a time one second of thawing ice one moment of spring thoughts one….

A Fight for Good Health

“Round three,” the ring master shouts into the microphone, as a woman, who looks a lot like me, confidently walks in a circle carrying the number 3 sign. I tilt my head up enough to see the number with one eye open, feel the sugar slowly paralyze my brain, spinning me into the catatonic state…

Quality Time Companions

There comes a point in life when your heart yearns for more friendships, companions to go through life with, spend quality time with, laugh with and love with. I miss those friendships. They are everything this book on my lap cannot provide, nor texting can fulfill.

Pure Delight

You are my pure delight as I lay here under ever changing skies overwhelmed by the canvas painted before me. I glance heavenward, so taken by the beauty I cannot believe I am where I am. My parka, a warm blanket, snuggles my body working hard to keep the chill at bay, as I stare…


This is not your last rodeo, I insist upon it. You will try again, you will inspire through lens and keystrokes, you will…you will…you will. Keep at it, the voice in my head tells me, push through whispers in the shadows encourage, come back to earth doubt says, flagging down my fantastical brain. But, I…