You and I

We complement each other, you and I; quite a good match. We sit here in the mist wetting our appetite and pushing back our brokenness, whilst losing ourselves amongst the rhythmic of life’s beating heart. Both, admire places we’ve never been, and are restless to get there. Me, I marveled at the earth for so…


Against the odds, we made it to shore a little broken, but together we survived the roar of wind and water.

Shadow of Tines

Shimmering silver rests in light and shadow waiting for skin and bone to play at tune thrice heard in yesterdays meal. Cut, stab, clink.

Finding Serenity

Finding serenity in solitude, out where fog meets frozen waters and the lone of wood meets earth. I pass by this place almost daily. And while I have tried to ignore its serene presence, I simply cannot resist to stand here and appreciate the simple beauty; to collect my thoughts that have drifted into all…